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Cruser Sport Filling Up at Gas Station

Cruser Sport, an all electric NEV Golf Car is positioned to take the electric car market by storm - worldwide.

The Cruser Sport began touring CA and AZ last week and has had incredible response from the local cities and dealers. EVERYONE wants one.

In the next two weeks, the CS will continue to tour from San Diego and up the west coast. Want to see one? Email us here to schedule your demo.

While our team was on tour in Southern California, we made quite a few pit stops. We stopped by Morongo Golf Club at Tukwet Canyon, Park Place Cali in Burbank, Bert's Mega Auto Mall and our favorite? USA Gasoline.

With gas prices steadily climbing, electric cars are becoming the future. The Cruser Sport is perfect for daily everyday personal use or for golf or resort style living communities.

The anticipated MSRP currently starts at between $9,500-$13,000 depending on battery and motor options.

Demo tour is scheduled to also hit Hawaii by early fall of this year. Our team will be making our way to Texas and Florida at the end of Septmeber. We have plans to hit all other states.

The Cruser Sport has been tested by experienced dealers and technicians - everyone is impressed with the design, technology and affordability.

For those that already own a club car and have been dying to get into something modern, this is it. You can bid farewell to boxy and outdated club cars and get in one of these this fall.

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