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 VIVA-CR / Venus Motors  

Viva-CR / Venus Motors

Costa Rica is an agent of change in Central America and the world. Whether it’s living the peaceful life with no military in Costa Rica, or tackling the fossil fuel giants to save the natural and beautiful environment, they are truly the “Greatness in the Smallness” presenting a new way to live. Ecocruise fits right in that model. Ecocruise has 3 P’s that walk hand in hand with Costa Rica: Performance, and price point.  

Costa Rica will be the first nation to meet a self imposed carbon neutral goal, and ban fossil fuels. Ecocruise will be there to help. With its durable chassis and open air style cabin, it’s fits perfectly into the lifestyle of nation. Its performance will meet the needs for the average Tico and the price point will fit nicely into their budget based on renewable energy and EVs.  Not to mention the Ecocruise will look great sitting on a beach watching the sun go down.  Pura Vida!

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The EV bill also imposes a mandate on Costa Rican municipalities that require the municipalities to replace at least 10% of their fuel vehicles per year.  This includes their police vehicles and motorcycles, service vehicles and shop vehicles such as forklifts and industrial vehicles.  The airports are also required to replace their service vehicles as well.  VIVA-CR will present the EcoCruise line to each municipality through already existing salesman who have looked at and are waiting to get vehicles they can show to these municipalities.

VIVA-CR has visited several large employers and they all ask the same thing, who will care for these new electric vehicles. We tell them that we are opening shops and implementing a training program that even their own shop technicians can go through so they can continue caring for their own vehicles. These employers are agricultural based and generate their own power. They want EVs so they can use their own power to charge the electric vehicles. What an opportunity, they are way ahead of any nation around them that they are already seeing the benefits of using low cost power for transportation rather than $4.50 a gallon fossil fuel. Once the world sees how this change will forever help the Tico’s of Costa Rica, and the nation as it frees itself from being dependent on fossil fuels.

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