3 Service Vehicles
All Electric
To Meet Your Needs

We are proud to introduce:

  • Security/Parking Patrol Unit (ECP)

  • Pick Up Truck (ECU)

  • Utility Van (ECV)


These vehicles are engineered for daily usage - fit for everyday service and delivery routes.


Why use Ecocruise service vehicles? The answer is simply because it's affordable, convenient, and green! Whether you're the city controller or a business owner, you understand the annualized costs of gas, maintenance, and service for these often used utility vehicles. Our electric vehicles are the perfect solution. Starting at costs much lower than their competition, our electric vehicles run with barely any required maintenance services. Best of all, our vehicles will never use up any of our precious Earth’s fossil fuels and pollute the air. Running purely on electricity, there is zero-emission released into the air.

Affordable And Ready To Haul
Standard Specs & Features

Now being affordable and green, doesn’t make our vehicles any less mean. Our service vehicles are built using the para-aramid synthetic fiber, Kevlar. 5 times stronger than steel, Kevlar is used in modern drumheads to withstand high impact, marine current and wind turbine due to its high specific strength, and of course body armor/vests that are able to protect against the force of a bullet. Ecocruise’s service vehicles do not compromise on power. Designed to climb steep hills and handle sharp turns at ease, each vehicle comes with a 12KW AC motor and superior suspension support.


Imagine that. Conducting business, cutting costs, and saving the environment

all at the same time! 


ECP Parking/Patrol Unit

ECP is the solution to every municipal's problem. Elminate emission producing hybrids and gas patrol/security units.


  • Trunk volume 90 cubic ft / 2.55 cubic meter

  • Height, Overall  69.5 inches/ 176.33 cm

  • Length, Overall 134 inches/ 340.36 cm

  • Width, Overall 52.5 inches/133.35 cm

  • Weight, Overall 1750 lbs/793.8 kg

ECU Service/Delivery Pick Up

The ultimate clone of our ECP without the flashing lights with an open and extended bed. Ideal for:


  • Food and Service Delivery

  • Utility and Service Call/Dispatch

  • Parks, Campuses and Farm


  • Cargo space approx. 60 cubic ft / 1.699 cubic meter

  • Height, Overall 69.5 inches/176.53 cm

  • Length, Overall 134 inches/340.36 cm

  • Width, Overall 52.5 inches/133.35 cm

  • Weight, Overall 1600 lbs/725.7 kg

ECV Service/Delivery Van

Need extra secured cargo space? ECV is perfect for all your needs. Replace your gas guzzling vans or hybrids.


ECV is equipped with an extended bed with rear and side doors for easy loading and unloading.


  • Trunk volume 20 cubic ft / 0.566 cubic meter

  • Height, Overall 69.5 inches/177 cm

  • Length, Overall 116 inches/295 cm

  • Width, Overall 52.5 inches/133 cm

  • Weight, Overall 1500 lbs/ 680.4 kg


  • Motor 12KW AC

  • Top Speed 55 mph or 72 km/h

  • 96V 80AH LifePo battery

  • 3-wheel disc brakes

  • Rear wheel drive

  • Suspension, front, hydraulic fork

  • Suspension, rear, coil over shock



  • Kevlar body

  • DOT approved safety glass 

  • 14 inch/35.6 cm wheels


  • Tubular steel frame


  • Seat adjusters, manual

  • Optional feature: storage compartment with cupholders

  • Lumbar support

  • Instrumentation, digital LCD screen

  • AC/Heat

Convenience and Safety

  • Charge cord, 120-volt, portable

  • Cargo/storage

  • ECP and ECV with secured lid/door(s)

  • 3 point safety belt

  • DOT approved safety glass


  • Battery range 50/100 mi or 80/160 km per charge depending on battery pack. Equivalent to one cent per mile.

  • Advanced controller

  • Battery density 160W/kg


  • Passenger capacity 1


  • Drivetrain Limited Warranty - 2 years

  • Battery Warranty - 2 years

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