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Ecocruise Featured On The August Issue Of Golf Car Options Magazine

Before Ecocruise was born, there was Kasea Motorsports. Steve Leighty founded Kasea Motorsports back in 1989. Steve had an idea of importing affordable, quality built, and street legal scooters from China into the US enabling enthusiasts to enjoy, own and ride them at a lower cost. President, Steve Leighty has over 25 years in designing and producing motor vehicles in China, Korea, Taiwan and distributing them worldwide. He was the first to design and import motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, dune buggies and scooters from China into the US.After two years of extensive business planning and development, Steve imported their first container load of DOT certified scooters into the US. With production cost being low in Asia, Kasea was able to invest in premium Suzuki-designed motors and other premium Japanese parts for their scooters. When Kasea scooters were introduced to the US market, every rider took notice. Kasea became one of the most sought after lines throughout the US. Kasea was able to achieve their sales budgets and goals within the first year.

With such tremendous success, Kasea reinvested their profit gains and diversified into other motor vehicle trends such as ATVs for both kids and adults. Locally designed and engineered samples of ATVs were shipped off to China for production. It was not long until Kasea started adding motorcycles, dirt bikes, and buggies to their product line.

As the business continued to grow, Steve began to set up distribution through motorcycle dealers throughout the US with his field and in-house sales team. By 1995, Kasea had annual revenues of over $25M.

In 1998, Steve began exhibiting his products in Motorsport Shows in Italy, Germany, England, Sweden, France, Canada, Taiwan, and China. Experienced Sales Managers for each foreign region were added to the sales team and distribution channels worldwide were set up. Within a few years, Kasea was selling over 30,000 vehicles each year.

After enjoying over 15 years of phenomenal success, business began to slow down after the tragic 9/11 attack. Consumers became weary of the future and fewer people were spending their money on motorsport vehicles. Later on, Steve decided to retire Kasea and switch gears and move his focus to electric vehicles. Kasea officially retired in 2006.

Ecocruise’s Market Opportunity

The Electric Vehicle industry is on a steady upswing. Electric vehicles are steadily taking over every street and freeway in the U.S. and other countries. Sales statistics show pure electric vehicles are seeing much more success and growth rate compared to electric hybrid vehicles. Specialized pure electric service vehicles and NEVs have yet to enter the market at large. Ecocruise will be one of the first companies to bring our forward thinking EVs to the US and the rest of the world. There are several niche markets Ecocruise vehicles will immediately dominate; such as parking enforcement and many types of deliveries.

Steve has had over 40 on road and off road motor vehicles DOT approved with Kasea. Ecocruise vehicles are electric and classified as motorcycles and NEVs. All Cruser Sport Models are DOT and EEC approved.

Ecocruise Vehicles

Ecocruise is now setting up distribution for all products to the world markets.

Service Vehicles

Service companies are seeking an alternate solution to replace their current delivery and service fleets. There is a lack of an affordable option for businesses. Ecocruise has designed 3 unique service vehicles to meet every cities and businesses’ demands: Parking Enforcement/Patrol Unit (ECP), Pick Up Truck (ECU) and Utility Van (ECV). These EVs are engineered for daily usage - fit for everyday service and delivery routes.

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs)

NEVs are battery electric vehicles that are designed for roads limited to posted speed limits of up to 45 mph depending on the particular laws of each state in the US. NEVs are highly popular in Europe and other countries. Ecocruise NEVs like the Cruser Sport are perfect additions and replacements for gasoline vehicles currently being used in resorts, gated communities, and rentals.

Ecocruise will assembly and manufacture in the U.S. (South Carolina & Nevada)beginning in early 2019. In addition, world hubs will begin assembly in Costa Rica in late 2018 and Europe in early 2019. Costa Rica has orders from the following countries: Cayman Islands, Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, Bolivia, Costa Rica and will set up distribution throughout Central & South America.

To find out how to purchase, or become an Ecocruise dealer please visit and fill out the information request form.

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