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Ecocruise designs and manufactures two, three and four wheel electric vehicles. Each of these vehicles has been specifically designed for specific markets. The ECP is an example of taking full advantage of the strenghts of the Ecocruise Design Staff to produce a vehicle that will immediately dominate the niche markets it enters; parking enforcement, patrol and delivery. Ecocruise has dedicated over five years to engineer and perfect its line of service vehicles, neighborhood electric vehicles, scooters and motorcycles.


Since 1989

Before Ecocruise was born, there was Kasea Motorsports. Steve Leighty founded Kasea Motorsports back in 1989. Steve had an idea of importing affordable, quality built, and street legal scooters from China into the US enabling enthusiasts to enjoy, own and ride them at a lower cost. President, Steve Leighty has over 25 years in designing and producing motor vehicles in China, Korea, Taiwan and distributing them worldwide. He was the first to design and import motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, dune buggies and scooters from China into the US.

When Kasea scooters were introduced to the US market, every rider took notice. Kasea became one of the most sought after lines throughout the US. Kasea soon diversified into other motor vehicle trends such as ATVs for both kids and adults. It was not long until Kasea started adding motorcycles, dirt bikes, and buggies to their product line. As the business continued to grow, Steve began to set up distribution through motorcycle dealers throughout the US with his field and in-house team. Within a few years, Kasea was selling over 30,000 vehicles each year. After enjoying over 15 years of phenomenal success, Steve decided to retire Kasea and switch gears and move his focus to electric vehicles. Kasea officially retired in 2006.

Inception 2008

As the economy continued to crash, fuel costs soared and commuters began to seek for alternatives.

Some began to take public transit and others traded their gasoline-fueled vehicle in for fuel-efficient hybrids. SUVs and pickup trucks also saw a tremendous decline in sales. The demand for fuel-efficient vehicles such as Prius, Corolla, and Yaris were at an all time high.The EV industry is already a huge industry and still in its infancy. Steve decided this was the perfect time to pursue Ecocruise.


With over 25 years of motor vehicle and business experience under his belt, he began a new journey. In 2008, Ecocruise was born with the vision and focus in developing 100% pure electric vehicles to target niche markets. We are passionate about preserving Earth’s precious fossil fuels. Running purely on electricity, there are zero-emissions released into the air creating less pollution, better air quality.


Steve and his product development team spent the next 3-4 years establishing Ecocruise. Ecocruise engineers and manufacturers two, three, and four wheel electric vehicles for commercial and consumer uses. Our line of vehicles includes: service vehicles, neighborhood electric vehicles, scooters and motorcycles.

Ecocruise Cruser Sport
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