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 EcoMobility by SK  

EcoMobility by SK

EcoMobility is an initiative of SK-Group, which is a well-established provider of electronics and machinery for the green sector ie. agricultural and forestry equipment for the German speaking regions in Europe. SK is specialized in providing customer solutions to help increasing efficiency, while reducing the impact to the environment. SK is used to follow 'out of the box' initiatives to achive the best offering for their customers. The cooperation with EcoCruise is a typical example of such initiative.

SK has been founded by Hermann Schulte-Kellinghaus, a seasonal Master Graduated electrical-mechanics engineer with almost 30 years of work experience in various industries incl. power-electrical engineering, automotive, telecommunications and satellite. With founding SK, Hermann did follow his passion to save the environment. 

SK-Group is fully privately owned by Hermann Schulte-Kellinghaus. The company has been founded back in 2013 with the sales of agricultural GPS guidance systems adapted to the needs of farmers. Since then the company did grow year by year.

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EcoMobility by SK

Rottstrasse 85

45966 Gladbeck


Telephone main desk: +49 2043 9570750

Telephone sales: +49 151 65151921

Telephone service desk: +49 2043 9570748 

E-Mail address:


EcoMobility is located in the middle of the former heavy industry hot-spot in Europe, the so-called 'Ruhr-Area'. Over hunderts of years this region was dominated by coal and steel production causing high pollution to the environment and air. Coincidentally with the foundation of EcoMobility at the end of 2018 last coal mine in the close neightbourhood did close ist production. EcoMobility represents a new era of green industries in this region and it's reach out to all Europe.

Electrical mobilty has become the major driver for next generation vehicles all across Europe. All car-makers in Germany and Europe heavily increase their investments to drive electrification of public and private transport forward. Electricity filling stations are becoming widely available such that there is no obstacle to drive fully electric.

EcoMobility is leading this trend together with the EcoCruise product line, which is filling the almost un-touched market of electric vehicles for off-road, mini-transport, golf and city mobility. EcoCruise is providing perfect solutions to fill this gap from 2019 onwards.

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