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Meet the President and Founder of Ecocruise: New Wave in Electric Cars

A front page article published in the Ballard News-Tribune in October 2014, sufficed to introduce us to a brave new idealist in the transportation genre. His name is Steve Leighty, north Seattle native who hopes to bring a new wave of electric cars to the United States, replacing other light and utility electric models with a bolder and more modern concept.

The Man Behind the Dream.

Leighty was raised in north Seattle and resided in north Ballard for 45 years, making him a true-blue Washingtonian. Leighty possesses extensive knowledge of ATV’s having designed them, along with motorcycles and scooters, as a part of his 1989 start-up, Kasea Motorsports. His Seattle-based business was an industry-leader for approximately 25 years, after which time he sought to pursue a new endeavor.

Leighty envisioned something new for electric car manufacturing. He desired a sleeker, cleaner, simpler and more sustainable energy-efficient vehicle. His checklist of must-haves were that the vehicle should be affordable, quality and utilize absolutely zero fossil fuels.

Enter Ecocruise; Leighty’s hope for a new enterprise of one-of-a-kind electric transportation. Ecocruise states: “Our vision is to bring affordable and quality electric vehicles to the market to empower every commuter and business with an option to go green.” This is more than a mere business venture to Leighty who stated the greater cause behind the catalyst of his most recent undertaking to the Ballard News-Tribune: “We need to stop thinking and start acting on how we can support a global population and economy while making sure we protect the Earth and its non-replenishing natural resources.”

Ecocruise Moving Forward: What’s in the Works?

Leighty wants to get people off of scooters and back into cars; only the car he wants to get them back into is lightweight, low-speed, low-maintenance, environmentally friendly and completely affordable on a budget. Ecocruise cars are built for those with shorter commutes who are looking for more practicability and style.

Leighty further pictures his ATV-inspired electric cars replacing current carbon emissions heavy occupational vehicles, such as those used for local deliveries or city municipal vehicles. All models of Ecocruise cars are street legal and regulation safe, making them a reasonable and sufficient alternative to other ozone endangering transportation means, for proximal travel. Leighty says of those businesses and environmental trend-setters he hopes to sway, “If they switched to driving electric cars they would cut way back on fuel costs while doing a big favor for the environment.”

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