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ECP – Ecocruise Solution to Parking Enforcement

Ecocruise has been researching and closely monitoring the needs of local municipalities, universities, airports, and of parking authorities. Common among all is a need for an affordable and efficient fleet of vehicles specifically tailored to parking enforcement. Ecocruise has designed a low-cost all electric

vehicle to fulfill this very specific niche market. Our alternative-fueled Ecocruise Patrol Unit (ECP) is a 3-wheeled, all-electric vehicle with speeds of up to 45mph and range of 50 to 80 miles depending on battery option.

Ecocruise has designed, developed, produced and is now distributing a parking enforcement vehicle that fleet managers and decision makers will find to be unmatched by price ($10,000 less), design, warranties and performance than its competition. We have purchased a sample of our main competitors’ product and talked to many of their regular drivers. We have used the resulting information to design a much better product. Among other key concerns, drivers wanted a better suspension, more cargo space and more room to get in and out of the vehicle. The ECP addresses all of these concerns in a great new modern design that uses only the best components. Service departments handling competitors’ products have also complained of parts shortages and delays as well as inadequate warranty coverage.

We have doubled and tripled the warranty periods and will have parts located all over the U.S. and across our foreign markets in both our dealers service departments and in many of our commercial and municipal customers’ service departments. Although maintenance and repair costs are much lower on electric vehicles when compared to combustion engine vehicles, Ecocruise will offer service, maintenance and repair training for commercial and municipality customers’ service departments.

DOE funds may be available* for financing purchases of our ECP at less than 5% interest. Available in all 50 states, send us an email at to receive more information on this program. Parking authorities should carefully consider the Ecocruise Patrol Unit (ECP) for their parking enforcement and security needs based on the ECP’s highly affordable price and numerous superior features and performance characteristics:

  • Zero emissions

  • Durable Kevlar or carbon fiber body

  • Slightly smaller dimensions for ease of maneuverability

  • 2 year bumper-to-bumper warranty

  • 3 year Lithium Ion batteries warranty

  • 50/80 mile range

  • Drives up to 45 MPH

  • Powerful 12KW brushless motor

  • 3 wheel disc brakes

  • Extremely low operating costs

ECP will be available to the public early 2015, sign up today to be one of the first to see and test the demo. Videos and images are available on our website. For more information email us at or call Steve at 206-979-6255.

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