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"Golf Buggies Just Went Up A Gear" says Today's Golfer, a UK Magazine

Ecocruise Cruser Sport Golf Car Featured in Today's Golfer, a UK Magazine. Read full story below.

Golf buggies just went up a gear. Meet the new buggy that is so cool you'll want to drive it home.

What is it that makes driving a golf buggy so much fun? They're slow, cumbersome, look ridiculous and tend to come in a choice of boring green or murky beige. But despite all that, getting behind the wheel of one is always a thrill...and it's about to get even better.

The Ecocruise Cruser Sport Golf Car is not only twice as fast as most normal buggies - it tops out at a deceptively hair-raising 35mph - it features the trimmings you'd expect with a modern sports car.

It comes with a carbon-fibre body (optional), removable t-top roof, dual suspension, 14in alloys, a radio and CD player with dual speaker system, a charge cable for your phone, rally-style bucket seats, anti-lock brakes, and an LCD dashboard display.

The fully-electric vehicle is road legal and will cover 60 miles on a single charge and will be available in early 2015. Better still, unlike some of the crazy custom buggies out there, there's no reason you won't be taking the Cruser Sport for a spin in the near future.

Retailing at around £5,500 to £7,500, depending on battery and motor options, it's not much more expensive than a regular buggy.

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