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We May Need to Rethink the Golf Clap: Why the EcoCruise Cruser Sport Deserves Applause

The sport of golf is equally majestic as it is intense. Its rolling greens attract strategic, creative thinkers.

Such as Ecocruise: a company whose most recent invention, the Ecocruise Cruser Sport, turns the modest golf cart on its head.

Who would have thought: Elevate the specs, the design and most importantly, inject it with a well-deserved dose of technological cool. What do you come up with? The Ecocruise Cruser Sport Golf Car.

The vehicle is simple, futuristic, elegant and comes in a variety of colors: Equipped with safety features and heightened technology, the CS Golf Car is for golfers who are serious about quality, efficiency and beauty. The special edition will even be available in carbon fiber.

The Ecocruise Design Team has 25 plus years in designing vehicles. Thus, it's no surprise that the CS Golf Car has gained worldwide attention from golfers and is taking the golf world by storm.

Not only does the vehicle come with a removable t-top and the option for upgrading to lithium ion batteries – but get this:

The vehicle is DOT approved – which means you can drive to the golf course, play golf and drive home in your street legal CS Golf Car. Given its modernity, one wouldn't expect this green, electric vehicle to be affordable. But it is.

Want one? So do we.

With a release set for Spring 2015, golfers will soon be able to snap the Cruser up. Or perhaps you'd like to become an exclusive distributor? Visit and it just may happen.

And while the Cruser won't cure a wicked hook or slice, it will get you to your next shot in style.

Suddenly, the conventional golf cart just doesn't cut it.

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