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For Adventurers Only: The Cruser Sport Off Road Edition

Have off-road vehicles ever been known for their aesthetic finesse? Not really.The Cruser Sport Off Road Edition, however, is.

A mixture of beast and beauty with a dash of utilitarian cool, this vehicle is built for adventure: Think of it as your own personal ticket to unusual amounts of fun (and maybe a little fear). After all, who knows what you’ll find outside the boundaries of normal life?

However, the real attributes of the Cruser Sport Off Road Edition go far beyond its eye-catching appearance.

It may be little, but the Cruser is packed with serious attributes. No matter where its driver wishes to venture, the Lifepo4 72v 62Ah battery, 5kw AC motor, rear wheel drive, 4-wheel disc brakes make it happen.

Other perks include AM/FM radio, premium custom seats and a 4-speaker audio system. Because who doesn't want a soundtrack to their off-road escapades?

Thinking of snatching this little gem up? Don't worry. Come Spring 2015, you can.

More of a get-in-on-the-ground-floor type of person? Then perhaps you'd like to become an exclusive dealer or distributor. If interested, visit

Finally, think about this: The Cruser Sport Off Road Edition can carry two: Because shouldn't all adventurers have a partner in crime sitting in on the ride?

Even better, the Cruser is street legal. This means once the fun for the day (or week) is over, you can even drive it home.

Now that is quite the round trip ticket.

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