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Cruser Sport NEV
Cruser Sport Golf Cart
Cruser Sport 4-Passenger
Cruser Sport Off-Road

All Electric Cruser Sport

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Ecocruise Cruser Sport
Ecocruise Service Vehicle

Future Release EMC Motorcycle

Three On-Road, and One Off-Road Model To Choose From

  • 20 KW Motor

  • Lithium Battery

  • Aluminum Frame

  • Top speed 80 MPH

  • Range options up to 115 miles

  • Charge time 20 minutes

Ecocruise Motorcycle

Cruser Sport All Electric Service Vehicles

  • Security/Parking Patrol Unit (ECP)

  • Pick Up Truck (ECU)

  • Utility Van (ECV)


These vehicles are engineered for daily usage - fit for everyday service and delivery routes.

Cruser Sport All Electric EVs Are Available In Four Styles

  • Cruser Sport Golf Car

  • Cruser Sport NEV

  • Cruser Sport Off-Road Experience

  • Cruser Sport 4-Passenger

All our electric vehicles meet or exceeds all applicable NHTSA standards. CARB, DOT, EPA, and EEC approved all electric vehicle. Available in 4 select trims. Cruser Sport is charged with tons of fun and is backed by a 2 year warranty on the battery. Just charge and drive.


Thank you for your interest in Ecocruise. We will contact you shortly!

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